Autumn hatss~

Hey! Have y’all check out the graphic headquarters? I submitted my hats recently and it got chosen:D yayy~~ Do check it out* There are many cool hats which other graalians made too!



Sakura Haruno!~

I saw this anime character on google recently and found her hairstyle unique and cute :ooo.. So i decide to make it ! Apparently i combined Kim’s braid+extension with the new head so that it would not look so simple ~ The body is edited and taken from Tam’s site. Hope y’all like it!

Enjoy!~ *Credits if used. DO NOT REMOVE WATERMARK IF REPOST.  *Body is not color changeable. Set transparency if upload. 



  • Credits: Braid+Extensions –Kim 
  •                Body taken from:
  •                Body –If there are *original owners.


It’s halloween soon! Have ya’ll gotten your costumes ready?! Hopefully Graal’Oween would be  fun! #TBT when i worked with Ai, Storm and other staffs for the Asylum quest 2 years ago~ It was lit <33.

Heres a head for you guys! Enjoy!~ *Credits if used. DO NOT REMOVE WATERMARK IF REPOST. 


Credits: Original hairstyle taken from graal headlist.

Poncho Body

O, this was an old edit of mine since 224127386 years ago which i forgot to post here <3. The body is color changeable except the heart in the middle.

Enjoy!~ *Credits if used.  *Set transparency if upload.


  • Credits: Original maker of Poncho Body (Unsure who it is)
  •                Edited by -Fzi


Here are the heads~

As Promised, here are the female heads (AGAIN) from the previous male heads i made called ‘Sting’ from Fairytale. Hope you like it ^^. The bodies are colour changeable. Stay tuned for more heads! <33

Enjoy!~ *Credits if used. DO NOT REMOVE WATERMARK. *Set transparency if upload.


  • Credits: Head+Extension is made from scratch -Fzi
  •                Body (Creds to Ori. Owners)