New heads~

Here are the heads I’ve shown in my previous post~ Wanted something more extraordinary so I made the sides looked a little special than usual xd

Enjoy!~ *Credits if used. DO NOT REMOVE WATERMARK IF REPOST. 


Credits: Head is made from scratch -Fzi


Upcoming head!

Hello! Been into Korean cute hairstyles recently and thought maybe medium hairlength would be adorable~ This is a preview of the upcoming head *its not yet completed~ There could be minor changes made ^-^.

Do check out my previous post and give some ideas 😀 ThankKeww~


  • Credits: Head is made from scratch -Fzi
  •                Head idea -Fzi

Be back soon? :)

Hello guys! (if there’s anyone even viewing this site anymore)

Sorry for this long absence ~ been really busy in college well… who isn’t :P? I will be working instead of studying soon and probably will have time to do graphics! YaYz haha;D. Hope there are still people out there following this blog and checking on it. See you guys soon x)~

Soooo,  I will be doing head requests (anime preferably) like the previous time! These requests will not be ”PERSONAL HEADS” but for ideas, if you’d like to see them.

Please do comment below or anywhere the head ideas. DONUT worry~ I will be giving credit to you if the head is made ~ 🙂


Sakura Haruno!~

I saw this anime character on google recently and found her hairstyle unique and cute :ooo.. So i decide to make it ! Apparently i combined Kim’s braid+extension with the new head so that it would not look so simple ~ The body is edited and taken from Tam’s site. Hope y’all like it!

Enjoy!~ *Credits if used. DO NOT REMOVE WATERMARK IF REPOST.  *Body is not color changeable. Set transparency if upload. 



  • Credits: Braid+Extensions –Kim 
  •                Body taken from:
  •                Body –If there are *original owners.


It’s halloween soon! Have ya’ll gotten your costumes ready?! Hopefully Graal’Oween would be  fun! #TBT when i worked with Ai, Storm and other staffs for the Asylum quest 2 years ago~ It was lit <33.

Heres a head for you guys! Enjoy!~ *Credits if used. DO NOT REMOVE WATERMARK IF REPOST. 


Credits: Original hairstyle taken from graal headlist.